PDF Meeting List (click)

O = meeting is open to all
C= meeting is only for those with a desire to stop drinking


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  1. Hi. I’d like to join a group discussion, and am not sure how / which to consider. I’m a first-timer, and am looking for guidance as to the best way to initiate myself into the AA group. Can you help?

    • Click on the 12 Step Meetings tab above for a meeting schedule. Most meetings are either open discussion, step meetings or Big Book meetings, all of which allow sharing on either the leader’s topic, a step/tradition or a section of the Big Book. The only meetings that are not discussion meetings are the celebration speakers meetings.

  2. Are the marijuana meetings still going on Friday’s at 7pm?

  3. I’m looking for ACA meetings but am having trouble finding then. An ACA member at the Saturday meeting at the Serenity Center in Columbia told me that there were ACA meetings at Del Ray. I would love to go to more meetings. Help!! 🙂

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