Welcome to the Del Ray Club!

The Del Ray Club is a non-profit corporation operated and maintained by seven AA members who serve on a House Committee without compensation. The holding of AA meetings is the primary activity of the Club, with social activities occupying an important but secondary role. It also provides a meeting place between AA meetings.

Our stated purpose is the holding of AA, Al-Anon, and other 12-Step recovery meetings, and all are invited to attend and stay around awhile for the important before and after get-togethers. We also want to make a place available all day and after the usual evening meetings for the person who we hope is getting off his last drink and needs a place to get away from the outside world, talk with empathetic friends, and be exposed to meetings. Our alcohol abuse did little to enhance our personal popularity at home, at work, and in other relationships. The newcomer often has no place to turn to. While in the Del Ray Club this newcomer will be exposed to the unconditional love available in AA and Al-Anon. Also, whether short-term AA members or old-timers, it is important to have a place where one can go before or after meetings for a brief chat, a game of bridge, or just a cup of coffee. directions to the Del Ray Club


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