Club Rules

Del Ray Club House Rules:

  1. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Del Ray Club.
  2. Abusive vulgar or profane language is not permitted;
  3. Sleeping on the premises is not permitted at any time;
  4. Individuals using the Club shall not engage in such activity, whether undertaken inside or  outside of the Club’s premises, that unreasonably interferes with the ability of other Club  members and guests to safely and peaceably practice Twelve Step recovery at meetings and other activities within the Club.
  5. Bicycles are not allowed on the premises
  6. Radios or television may not be played on the premises except as authorized by the House committee;
  7. Animals or pets of any kind, except for seeing-eye dogs, are not permitted inside the Club; dogs outside must be on leash according to Montgomery County Leash Law;
  8. Children must be supervised by a parent or other custodial adult;
  9. Noisy or other disruptive behavior is not permitted;
  10. The Del Ray Club is limited to members only except one-half hour before meetings, during meetings, and  one-half hour after meetings;
  11. The Members’ Lounges are strictly limited at all times to dues paying members of the Del Ray Club. Bridge, chess and other board games may be played in the Members’ Lounges at any time;
  12. Bridge, Chess or Card games are not allowed in either meeting room at any time;
  13. Cameras (and video cameras) are not allowed on the premises; please put pagers on vibrate, and turn off cell phones during meetings;
  14. If it is necessary to call the police to have a person removed from the Club who has refused to leave when requested, such person will thereby be automatically barred from the Club. Such person may request reinstatement by the House Committee at the next regularly scheduled House Committee meeting;
  15. Personal belongings may not be left anywhere in the Del Ray Club.
  16. Coffee, tea, and decaf are provided by the Del Ray Club and are available in the coffee bar area for 50 cents per cup. Please be sure to pay for your coffee and tea.
  17.  Only complaints and suggestions signed and dropped in suggestion box will be accepted.
  18. If five members want to have a new activity or meeting and are willing to assume full responsibility, place request in suggestion box with names and phone numbers.

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