Welcome to the Del Ray Club!

Welcome to The Del Ray Club in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. The Del Ray Club is a meeting place for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery fellowships based on the 12-Steps of AA. The holding of AA meetings is the primary activity of the Club, with social activities occupying an important but secondary role. It also provides a meeting place between AA meetings. Our stated purpose is the holding of AA, Al-Anon, and other 12-Step recovery meetings, and all are invited to attend and stay around awhile for the important before and after get-togethers.

7611 Clarendon Road

Bethesda, Maryland  20814


Monday-Thursday, 6:45am-9:45pm

Friday and Saturday 6:45am-10:00pm
Sunday, 6:45am-9:45pm
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We are now handicapped accessible. If you are handicapped, please ask James (our Club Manager) or contact any of the DRC house committee members for access.


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23 Responses

  1. Greetings,Do you have an email address for the manager of the club? I am the manager if the Dupont circle club and wanted to kind of partner with them. I have a flyer for an upcoming event. my email is dccmanager1623@gmail.com

  2. What times are there meetings for Alanon?

    • Hi Gabby, There is a really good Alanon/AA meeting at Del Ray Friday nights at 8:30pm. There is good recovery there in both AA and Alanon people. I’ve gone past three weeks and it is lead by two people from both fellowships, often husband and wife, then 45 min discussion.

  3. December Anniversaries?

  4. Is Delray club going to be serving xmas dinner like last year? If not do you have any information on anywhere that might be serving? Thanks much have a wonderful holiday Steve D.

  5. Dose your club have any meetings after 12 and before 6pm? Thanks

  6. When are meetings?

  7. Trying to reach the person incharge to find details/times for daily AA meetings. Could not leave voicemail on the number provided in the website. Please reply.

  8. Hi! Does anyone know of any sober softball leagues in Montgomery county? Thx!

  9. When are your al Anon meetings ?

  10. Does anyone have information on Ken J.’s services?

  11. What time are the aa meetings?

  12. ronsherri@gmail.com Looking for local AA meeting in evenings as I work until 6pm…. Zip code 20816. Bethesda thanks and I look forward to finding s new group… Just reached 12 years yesterday!!!! Ron Koopman

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